What We Do

Rosemount Management Consultancy has well over a decade’s experience in delivering cost effective, high quality interventions that add real value to our clients’ organisations.
Rosemount has 4 primary areas of business:

Leadership and Management Development

Managing and developing your people is one of the most challenging aspects of running any business, big or small, public or private sector.

Our Leadership and management development programmes encompass team leaders, line managers, middle and senior managers. We deliver bespoke and accredited programmes based on client needs. Our delivery style is interactive, engaging and real, making links back to the workplace.

Much of the work we do engages managers in understanding the different aspects of their role, particularly focused on differentiating between leadership and management. For more junior or newly appointed managers this may concentrate on what exactly the difference is. For more senior managers, it is much more about the opportunity to explore how to demonstrate their leadership attributes, to develop networks and how to demonstrate leadership skills to external stakeholders.

We use models and theories within our training delivery, but always to support the practical work environment. A model may be introduced, but it is always followed by the “so what?” This may be achieved through facilitated group discussion, skills practice or case study activities. Therefore our style is generally facilitative through discussion and learner led activities, whilst sometimes requiring tutor input.

Rosemount will consult with you prior to the training and development event or programme, to ensure the content and style matches your needs and takes into consideration the culture of your Organisation.

Please see our Leadership and Management Development page for more examples and case studies of our work and what we can offer to your organisation.

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Workforce Development

Developing and enhancing the skills of your workforce is key to business growth. Rosemount’s approach to workforce development is to make session’s interactive, skills based and memorable. We want delegates to leave workshops talking about the event and recommending them to their colleagues. This means delegates have learned something useful and want others to benefit from it.

We work hard at making training “fun”; that’s about delivery style and activity and less about content or learning outcomes. We believe if delegates leave a workshop feeling it was a worthwhile investment of their time, together with at least one action they plan to take, this is something of a success.

We seek to work in partnership with our clients, to ensure we can provide a range of relevant and innovative interventions. For example, we make use of action learning sets, team and individual coaching, facilitated challenge sessions, practical workbooks (such as emotional intelligence and leading change) and psychometric tools (including MBTI® and Hay Emotional Intelligence) in addition to traditional face-to-face workshops.

Our flexibility also allows us to deliver short, high impact sessions, sometimes delivered early morning to make it easier for staff to attend. We recognise the abstraction time of a full day makes this unachievable for many, who then do not benefit from the development. Our experience shows that reducing time and maximising impact engages staff.

Please see our Workforce Development page for more examples and case studies of our work and what we can offer to your organisation.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is often seen as “political correctness” or a single-issue agenda. This allows people to opt out if the single issue does not affect their lives or they believe the political correctness myths. Our approach to diversity is that the agenda is based on respect – for difference, for culture, for the way people live their lives. Therefore diversity is something that touches us all. Our challenge is to explore enough about each other to understand how different people experience respect. We believe this makes the diversity agenda more accessible to people.

Our goal is to help participants attending an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training event to develop a level of awareness which initiates a process of understanding and application of the issues, and which fit into the wider activities and policies already in existence within the organisation.

To be impactive and therefore effective, training needs to be related to an individual’s own environment and easy to apply. Theoretical models and ideals are often difficult to translate into day-to-day practice. Our training aims to be real and memorable.

Our delivery style is engaging, dynamic and seeks to draw people into to the subject. Participants often don’t know what diversity training is going to be like, but suspect it may feel like a lecture on what they can and cannot do. We ensure participants do not feel like this by designing interactive and engaging training where participants find they are exploring issues in a relaxed way.

Please see our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion page for more examples and case studies of our work and what we can offer to your organisation.

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Outsourced HR Consultancy for business

We have a number of programmes of support to enable organisations to remain legally compliant, and maintain efficient HR policies, procedures, and practices. Rosemount will provide the practical support your business requires which can include any HR or management related issues from preparing disciplinary cases to giving specific employment law advice, to supporting you in recruiting staff.

Rosemount Management Consultancy can help you by providing human resources advice, guidance and support without you having to employ a full time staff member.

Please see our Outsourced HR Consultancy for business page for more examples and case studies of our work and what we can offer to your Organisation.

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